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ask yourself


The Long Road Home

Ask yourself

the three questions

your friends will not

when is the first time you


hearing a thought inside your head?

who loved you last?


You knew,

Didn’t you?

Ugh.  I hate this one.  but it’s what came out tonight. It’s a sort of ode to cynicism.

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Take off ur clothes…if ur garment is stitched with hypocrosy better to walk in the naked truth. Instead of sitting in dismay stand up in happiness.
Let purpose seduce ur character so that ur personality becomes stiff and erected allowing u to have spiritual intercourse with life.
So that life can become perpetuatingly impregnated and forever bare u fruitful opportunities.

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We are all spiritually bonded and binded together in this confused and beautifully oriented paradise called Earth.
We are made of the same matter and we all need the same basic essential things to survive.
What does this mean? It’s means we are one, it means that we are related despite the difference in colour and culture.
And we all have the ability to do great things despite our daily struggles. So let’s start thinking as one and working as one because WE ARE ONE!

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Stress release


In order to sustain daily throughout these hardtimes you have to have ways of releasing the stress that seeps into your life’s streamflow. If you are ever reluctant to release the build up inside you its like your actually setting landmines on the inside and anyone who should be unlucky enough to step on one would be the receipient of a catastrophic outburst which in time you would have to apologize for.

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